4 Cool Hacks to Increase Your Subwoofer Bass

how to increase bass in subwoofer box

No acoustic device is capable of producing as much boom or bass for an audio system than a subwoofer. Its presence is essential for making the whole system sound better on a whole different level. When used precisely, a powered subwoofer relieves the burden from your primary amplifier. So it’s important to spend some time … Read more

Build a Home Sound System in 7 Easy Steps

sound system

These days, it is easier to build your sound system for setting your entertaining home theater. However, the main challenge here is to do it within the budget or without spending lavishly. The good news is that setting up a sound system at home doesn’t need to be elaborately complicated. If you think it’s time … Read more

5 Awesome Active Bookshelf Speakers You Should Buy –

a bookshelf active speaker on a wood plank wall home office

You’ve probably heard people say that you can’t expect anything special from active bookshelf speakers. While yes, they are never going to have the power or quality of PA speakers that live bands use, that level of power is overkill inside a home. For a great listening experience at home, whether it’s off my phone … Read more

Top 5 Powered Speakers For Live Bands

on stage with a reliable powered speakers for live band

Every musician knows that PA systems are crucial for producing premium sound, and for live bands, powered speakers are one of the factors that will make or break your performance more than any other. So today I will give you a rundown on the top 5 powered speakers you can buy, but before we do, … Read more

5 of the Best Center Channel Speakers for Dialogue (2020)

best center channel speaker for dialogue

When it comes to sound quality, keen audiophiles still know the value of having a good center channel speaker. Even though Bluetooth speakers and soundbars seem to have taken over the current market, true audiophiles still believe in Hi-Fi. When it comes to sound quality, carefully selected front monitors, and picking the best center channel … Read more

5 Bluetooth Speakers perfect for the Beach

best bluetooth speaker for the beach

If you are an insatiable music lover like me, then you will probably want to listen to some tunes everywhere you go, no matter if it’s the store, the office, or the beach. Well, thankfully, with today’s technology, everything is possible and Bluetooth speakers have not stopped increasing in popularity since their first iterations. In … Read more

How Do Subwoofers Work and Why Do We Love Them?

latest subwoofers

Years ago, when Woodstock and large speakers were the norms in the music scene, the use of subwoofers were only ever on a small scale. Although the concept of subs does exist from as early as the 1900s, it was not until the early 70s until subwoofers really started to gain in popularity thanks the … Read more

4 Easy Ways To Pair Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth Speaker connected with mobile phone

There’s no doubt that we have seen fewer cables in the last decade thanks to the advancements made in wireless technology. Although Wi-Fi increasingly sets higher standards of improvements, Bluetooth has long been a reliable method to wirelessly connect audio devices. You can now enjoy music anywhere, as long as you have a phone and … Read more

Home Entertainment System Guide: 5 Tips You Need To Know

Home Entertainment System

The home entertainment system is now a thriving industry thanks to our regular desire to consume digital media. We now use the internet to watch videos, stream music, and even play console games online, all activities which demand a set up with great visuals and sound. So whether you’re on a tight budget or looking … Read more