4 Cool Hacks to Increase Your Subwoofer Bass

how to increase bass in subwoofer box

No acoustic device is capable of producing as much boom or bass for an audio system than a subwoofer. Its presence is essential for making the whole system sound better on a whole different level. When used precisely, a powered subwoofer relieves the burden from your primary amplifier. So it’s important to spend some time … Read more

Build a Home Sound System in 7 Easy Steps

sound system

These days, it is easier to build your sound system for setting your entertaining home theater. However, the main challenge here is to do it within the budget or without spending lavishly. The good news is that setting up a sound system at home doesn’t need to be elaborately complicated. If you think it’s time … Read more

How Do Subwoofers Work and Why Do We Love Them?

latest subwoofers

Years ago, when Woodstock and large speakers were the norms in the music scene, the use of subwoofers were only ever on a small scale. Although the concept of subs does exist from as early as the 1900s, it was not until the early 70s until subwoofers really started to gain in popularity thanks the … Read more

4 Easy Ways To Pair Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth Speaker connected with mobile phone

There’s no doubt that we have seen fewer cables in the last decade thanks to the advancements made in wireless technology. Although Wi-Fi increasingly sets higher standards of improvements, Bluetooth has long been a reliable method to wirelessly connect audio devices. You can now enjoy music anywhere, as long as you have a phone and … Read more

Home Entertainment System Guide: 5 Tips You Need To Know

Home Entertainment System

The home entertainment system is now a thriving industry thanks to our regular desire to consume digital media. We now use the internet to watch videos, stream music, and even play console games online, all activities which demand a set up with great visuals and sound. So whether you’re on a tight budget or looking … Read more

5 Ways You Can Set Up Your Sound Bar

how to set up sound bar

Sound bars are known for their ability to save space, and reduce setup hassle when compared to a full home theater system, and minimize wire clutter. So, it is common to look at how setting up a sound bar is a better option for enjoying improved TV sound. However, soundbars are not only for TV viewing. … Read more

Should I Get A Wireless Subwoofer?

wireless subwoofer

Wireless Subwoofers have become increasingly common in the last few years. While a wired subwoofer is still a common part of many sound systems, they come with downsides. Most of all is the increasing number of cables you need as more devices get added. From speakers to the stereo units, CD players, tuners, and receivers, … Read more

6 Things To Consider When You Choose A Soundbar

how to choose a soundbar

A soundbar is a fantastic tool that lets you improve the sound output of an entertainment device. This device is usually seen connected on television sets at home, upgrading the audio production and making the experience more enjoyable. It uses a psychoacoustic effect, which is the fancy term used for that effect in the human … Read more

Subwoofer Replacement Guide: Why Size Matters

Large speaker doing a bass test

Over the years, just like any electronic device, a subwoofer will stop working due to accumulated wear and tear. On average, a good subwoofer from a known brand like Sony will last for more than a decade if maintained well. You can get more or fewer years depending on a lot of factors. Eventually, your … Read more