Should I Get A Wireless Subwoofer?

wireless subwoofer

Wireless Subwoofers have become increasingly common in the last few years. While a wired subwoofer is still a common part of many sound systems, they come with downsides. Most of all is the increasing number of cables you need as more devices get added. From speakers to the stereo units, CD players, tuners, and receivers, … Read more

6 Things To Consider When You Choose A Soundbar

how to choose a soundbar

A soundbar is a fantastic tool that lets you improve the sound output of an entertainment device. This device is usually seen connected on television sets at home, upgrading the audio production and making the experience more enjoyable. It uses a psychoacoustic effect, which is the fancy term used for that effect in the human … Read more

Subwoofer Replacement Guide: Why Size Matters

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Over the years, just like any electronic device, a subwoofer will stop working due to accumulated wear and tear. On average, a good subwoofer from a known brand like Sony will last for more than a decade if maintained well. You can get more or fewer years depending on a lot of factors. Eventually, your … Read more

Free Ways To Make Your Subwoofer Box Louder

how to make a subwoofer box louder

Subwoofers are naturally loud and explosive, especially when these devices are installed on cars or home theater systems. For a lot of people, a more rich-sounding bass can change the video or the music significantly. If the subwoofer cannot produce that explosive boom, it will start to feel like something’s missing. If the power is … Read more

How To Easily Install Your Subwoofer And Amp

Professional cabinet hifi loudspeaker system for music recording

When it comes to media consumption, a sound system is one of the most essential components. The watching experience is quite not the same if you watch a video on just a computer screen and an average headphone compared to a full home theater setup. This is especially true if you’re into horror and action … Read more

How Sound Bars Work And 5 Reasons You Should Get One

Woman holding a television remote control and watching homepage of canalplay. CanalPlay is a paid French Internet service for the distribution of video files

Maybe you heard of it from your friends and other people who like to consume media content. Or rather, you’ve found an online advert that shows how they provide great sound and performance. Either way, sound bars are one of the biggest trends when it comes to home entertainment systems. In this era where streaming … Read more

4 Fast And Easy Ways To Hook Up a Soundbar To a TV

how to hook up soundbar to tv

New technology like soundbars have made digital media consumption more immersive for millions of people. Whether you’re watching a movie, a TV show, or playing a game, soundbars can give you the best audio output for your home entertainment system with less hassle when you hook it up. Because soundbars are a recent piece of … Read more

4 Easy Steps To Install Subwoofers In Your Car

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One of the things that makes a drive worthwhile is great company and great music. Especially if the drive ahead is long and you need to while away the hours. Nobody wants a boring ride, so livening it up with music is essential. In order to get your music blaring, you need to install a … Read more