Introduction – What are 3 Way Speakers?


In this blog post, we will be exploring the unique characteristics of 3 way speakers, as well as comparing them to 2 way speakers. We will explain how 3 way speakers are good for the inside of a car and for high-end audio systems, as well as elaborating on what exactly 3 way speakers are. Finally, we will outline where you can buy 3 way speakers, both online and in retail.

3 way speakers are a great choice for someone who wants the broadest frequency response possible. 3 way speakers output sound from 3 distinct frequency ranges. The woofer provides sound from the lowest frequency ranges, which gives the speakers the bassy kick that is needed for action movies or for dance music. The mid-range cone will output slightly higher frequencies, providing depth and clarity to whatever is being listening to. Finally, the tweeters will handle the highest frequencies, allowing the listener to hear the most subtle and minute details. These 3 different outputs combine to give a rounded quality to music and film soundtracks.

I’m an audiophile, meaning that I prefer to hear all the details in my music. Because of this, I am always more likely to go for a 3 way speaker than other types.

This type of speaker is ideal for use in cars, in home cinema systems and in hifi stereos. Pioneer TS-A1072R 4-Inch 3-Way 150-Watt Speakers (Pair): Car Electronics

Car Speakers – 2 way vs 3 way?

I don’t mind a decent 2 way speaker. However, whenever I compare a 2 way speaker to a 3 way speaker, the difference is obvious. While 2 way speakers are great for listening to podcasts and music in the car, 3 way speakers are unmatched in sound quality and bass response. Both 2 way and 3 way speakers have a balanced mid-range and are effective as car speakers. However, while 2 way speakers are usually going to be lower in price, the jump in quality when upgrading to 3 way speakers is be enormous. This is mostly due to the increased frequency response and the more dynamic sounds that a 3 way speaker can produce.

Furthermore, the bass response from 3 way speakers is perfect for listening in the car. The woofer provides the lower frequencies, giving the characteristic bass of the car subwoofer.

On the other hand, the choice between the two types of speakers depends entirely on the customer. While some may prefer the simplicity and lower price of a 2 way speaker, people who are more focused on high quality of audio may prefer to pay a bit more for higher sound quality and a broader frequency response.

Furthermore, the mid-range frequencies that the 2 way speakers provide may be more agreeable to people who do not like the rattling bass in their car.

Ultimately, it is the choice of the individual whether they choose 2 way or 3 way speaker.

Sound Quality – Both inside and outside your car

The woofer in the 3 way speaker type means that both the audio signal and the power handling is improved massively. 3 way speakers provide a broader frequency response and thus are much better for a complete listening response. The high frequency range provided by 3 way speakers means that you will hear more details in the music, as well as ‘feeling’ the bass more. 2 and 3 way speakers both use drivers for the main high frequency and the tweeter. 3 way speakers then add a function, meaning that the sound quality is increased by the 3 way speaker’s ability to separate out frequencies.

Floorstanding speakers in a high end hifi system greatly benefit from this added driver and woofer. As aforementioned, 3 way speakers are often also the right choice in car systems, provided the person likes bass. They will give clear, crisp highs and rumbling bass, with the mid-range frequencies supporting both to an excellent degree. Coaxial speakers can also be really great for this.

If you like rock and soul music, or bass-heavy electronic tunes, 3 way speakers are often the right choice. This is because of their wide frequency range, which captures all aspects of the music you listen to. This types of music has a sound frequency driver, which requires the range of your tweeters to be wide, as well as requiring your woofers to support lower frequency bands, with the driver crossovers. The tweeter will provide crystal clear highs and some speakers even boast a super tweeter to further improve your listening.

It is also really important to consider the layout of the room/car you will be using them in. Most cars will be similar, so you can look at other people’s experiences. However, with your listening room, it may be larger, or its shape may be different to other people’s listening rooms. You need to think about where you are putting the speakers, as well as where you will be sitting when you are listening to them. It is crucial that you think about this before buying, otherwise it is possible that you won’t get the most out of your speakers. Your room may also be better for 3 way speakers than for 2 way speakers; or even the other way round.

Therefore, it is essential to consider all factors before shelling out for some new speakers.

Memphis Audio PRX603 Power Reference Series 6-1/2" 3-way car speakers at Crutchfield

Stores – Where to buy 3 way speakers


Speakers will always be in high demand. Whether you ultimately decide to go with 2 way or 3 way speakers, both are just as easily bought online. You can shop for them on the web, on websites such as Best Buy, using magazines such as ‘What HiFi?’ to choose the set that will be best for you. It’s even possibly to partner with a speaker company and receive free samples and/or advertising revenue from the big names in speakers, via an affiliate advertising program.

As mentioned before, you should choose your speakers based on what you decide you need: however, reviews on products online will be a very useful tool in deciding which ones are best. Home theatre speakers, hifi speakers and car speakers will have different customer bases and different uses, so its useful to think about this before reading reviews. You do not want. toread a good review for speakers which are best for home cinema systems, then be disappointed when they don’t sound good in your car.

Simply go to a hifi/speaker site, enter your name, email address or add the speakers to your cart and you’re good to go!


If you’re like me, you’ll like going into stores to test their speakers out in person. This will mean that you can really take your time and appreciate the pros and cons of each speaker system before buying. it also allows you to hear how the speakers will handle all of your favourite tunes, so that you won’t be disappointed when you power them on at home.

When buying online, its very easy to simply forget about the minute details in sound that make sitting down and listening to music so pleasant. If you see a speaker that boasts very deep bass, but you like to hear the high frequencies, only by hearing them in person will you know if the bass is overpowering, or just right for you and your listening experience.

It is also great for looking at the build of each speaker and how it will fit in your listening room. It is also great for assessing how well it will fit with your amplifier or your turntable, so that you can listen in the perfect environment.

Which is best – 2 or 3?

Having weighed all the evidence discussed here, it is clear that while the 2 way speaker and the 3 way speaker are built for specific purposes, the 3 way speaker simply has more going for it. Here, I will summarize exactly what it is that makes the 3 way speaker superior.

Richer Sound

The deep, rich frequencies you will hear in the 3 way speakers will make you really appreciate having both the crossover and the drivers, as well as the 3 way-specific woofer and tweeter. Better as both a car speaker and a hifi speaker, the 3 way speaker provides a perfect addition to your speaker system, or speaker systems!

Better frequency response

The frequency band of the 3 way speaker makes it better for both home theatre setups, as well as, as a car speaker or as a home theatre setup; whatever your speaker category, the sound frequencies that 3 way speakers provide will make your listening experience perfect. The bigger frequency slope means that the sound waves emitted from the speaker will be distinct from each other, making the audio frequencies you hear crystal clear. The crossover circuit is also a great addition here. The woofer will provide deep bass notes, while the tweeter will make one high note sound completely distinct from another.

Deeper Bass

The sound reproduction that a 3 way speaker gives will bring new life to your favourite dance or rock tracks, or to your favourite action movie. The woofers will provide better sound. in the low range, meaning that both movie and car audio will rattle you in the best way.


While it is not always the case, based on what has been discussed here, a 3 way speaker is a good choice for almost anyone shopping for a speaker! Whether you are shopping for a home theater, a center speaker or just something with a cool design, a 3 way speaker is a good choice!

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