3 Easy Tips To Make Your Bluetooth Speaker Louder

Is your portable Bluetooth speaker sounding a bit quiet, getting drowned out by ambient noise or seems otherwise inadequate? Are you thinking about replacing it with a more powerful one?

Wait right there! Because I’m going to tell you about three (completely free) ways to make your existing portable bluetooth speaker sound a lot louder:

Tip 1: Put the speaker on the floor!

This might seem absurdly simple and a little crazy, but this is one of the most common and effective ways to increase the loudness of the Bluetooth speaker’s output.

Just try it by placing the speaker directly on the floor or ground instead of on a couch or a table.

The ground facilitates a more natural flow of audio vibrations. As a result, the emitted sound is clearer and louder.

my bluetooth speaker besides my computer

Tip 2: Adjust speaker settings for the Room Area

Did you know that the volume tends to differ as per the room size? This is because the sound waves spread across it to make the difference. Thus, it is wise to check the area of your room before making the sound of your Bluetooth speaker louder.

Once you know the estimated area, it is easy to set the speaker accordingly. After all, there is a significant difference in playing the sound from a Bluetooth speaker on open ground and in a closed room.

A room enclosed in walls facilitates bouncing the sound off the walls. On the other hand, open space results in dead sound as it moves farther from the source. Thus, it is wise to adjust the speaker’s switch or knob according to the area to be covered and the number of people present in that area.

It is ideal for keeping the automation of sound at bay and manually running the system for controlling the noise level. Just increase and decrease the sound manually to determine the right level of loudness.

Just keep in mind that a few speakers can be too loud in a room and quite soft when used in an open area.

Tip 3: Place It Against a Wall or Close to a Corner

Many of us are aware that a wall impedes sound, as it ends up distorting it. This is something that no one wants.

However, it is only for the noise that attempts to pass through it. Did you know that the same wall is also a high amplifier? Yes, it makes those sound notes audible such that you end up admiring it.

Setting up a Bluetooth speaker against the wall truly boosts the level of volume by increasing by 25% of the actual level, according to stereostickman.com. This figure is, however, likely to differ as per the spot where you place the device and its distance from the wall. Even the type of wall can affect this quality.

When in a dance party, you need to set the speakers against the wall as per the room size. You also need to consider the furniture in the room if it is present. This is because some furniture items, such as a couch, can soften the sound.

On the other hand, an empty room bounces the vibrations from the speaker across the area. To get the best sound quality as well as volume, it is suggested to move the speaker around.

Is there anything better than a single wall? Well, yes! Two walls! If this is what you want to try, consider moving your Bluetooth speaker to one of the room’s corners. So, what is the underlying science?

Well, scientifically, a corner has sides slanting away from each other, which can function as a better amplifier than a plain wall. This structure aids in boosting the volume by approximately 40%.

You need to keep in mind that the distance between the speaker and the corner will impact the sound sibilantly. You may try placing the speaker in the corner and on the floor to get great music.

If you are placing in a corner, you may also experiment by setting it on the table. Just remember that the sound will be better if the device is a few feet away from the corner.

Use Two!

Just as two walls are better for having the best sound, two speakers are ideal for the same. A set of two Bluetooth speakers does a better job of giving you louder music. Go for this if the room is big or if there is a party. You can borrow your friend’s Bluetooth speaker if you do not want to buy it.


With the tips above, you will come out of the low sound issue most effortlessly and also make the device function much better than before. So, why not get started and give a treat to yourself via good music? After all, music is one of the universal mediums for relaxation and stress-busting.

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