There is a general misconception regarding your capability to play music over both Bluetooth and computer speakers. It is one or the other. Well, you would be surprised to find out that you can learn how to make Bluetooth speakers & computer speakers play simultaneously without too much hassle.

Maybe you have two babies, and you want to stream lullabies in two different rooms. Or perhaps you have parrots in each room, and music keeps them calm. Maybe you want to obtain some surround sound, who knows? The thing is – you can do it, regardless of your reasons.

Possible problems

If you are trying to obtain surround sound by playing music over your computer and some Bluetooth speakers around the room, you will be disappointed. Think about it – there are two different types of connections. One of them is internal – computer speakers. Even if you use external speakers, they are wired, so the signal is excellent and instant.

On the other hand, Bluetooth connectivity comes with a slight lag. Even if the Bluetooth speakers are right next to your computer, they will still be a fraction of a second behind the other speakers. In other words, instead of enhancing a beautiful audio experience, you ruin it completely. You will barely be able to understand anything.

With this aspect in mind, it is worth noting that learning how to make Bluetooth speakers & computer speakers play simultaneously is a good idea under certain circumstances – a small party where you want the music to play in both the kitchen and the living room, two kids in two different places who like the same type of music and so on.

Now, how do you do it?

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Making Bluetooth and Computer Speakers Play Simultaneously over Windows

According to this article by Windows Report, this solution works on more versions of Windows – 7, 8.1, and 10. There are a few necessary steps to do it right – no experience required.

  • Connect the Bluetooth speakers to your computer, whether your computer has Bluetooth connectivity or you have to use a third-party device. Make sure your computer speakers are also on. You can use internal or external speakers.
  • Identify the volume button in your taskbar and right-click on it. You will find the option of sending you to sounds. You can get to the same menu by going to the control panel and finding the volume there in case it does not show up in the taskbar.
  • Go to the playback tab and find your speakers there. You can right-click on them and choose to set them as the default device. Sometimes, the option is gray, meaning you cannot select it. This is because the speakers are already established as default.
  • Go to the Recording tab, right-click on the microphone (sometimes displayed as a stereo mix) and choose to see its properties.
  • A new popup will open up. Go to the listen tab. You will find an option to listen to this device – check it. Select the other speakers from the dialog opening under the playback through this device option.
  • Once done, apply everything and start playing your music. It should go on all speakers at the same time.

Using third party applications

Specific applications and software will calibrate the sound and allow you to play both Bluetooth and PC speakers at the same time. Based on this blog post, there are plenty of applications to do it – some of them are free, while others are premium.

It depends on the program you choose. At times, you might need to work on the output rather than the input. If you plan to place all speakers in the same room, you might need to adjust the delay to achieve a proper effect. It will take a while, though – you have been warned.

How to do it on Mac

Based on the Press Any Key blog, you can achieve great results over Mac as well.

  • Go to the utility folder and run the Audio Midi Setup application.
  • Connect the Bluetooth speakers to the Mac.
  • Create a multi-output device and select both speakers in it.
  • Go to system preferences, sound, and output, then select the new device as the current output device.

Doing it over your speakers

Depending on your speakers, you can make Bluetooth and computer speakers play simultaneously without any hassle at all – no settings or applications. If you have not purchased your Bluetooth speakers yet, you might want to buy a device with an audio-out jack.

Transmit music to Bluetooth speakers, then run a cable from these speakers to the PC speaker input. Your music will play on both devices – no delays at all.

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Bonus solution for Windows 10

A less known way to achieve such results over Windows 10 involves customizing playback devices. For instance, you can choose Bluetooth speakers to play music over an app, while another set of speakers can play music over another app. Of course, they can play the same thing too.

  • Run the sound settings by right-clicking on the speaker icon.
  • Go to the app volume and device preferences.
  • Go to the drop-down menu under output. There are more of them – choose the one for the software you use – system sounds, Chrome, and so on.


As a short conclusion, learning how to make Bluetooth speakers & computer speakers play simultaneously is relatively simple. It is a matter of time doing it by the book, as it depends on what option you choose. There are a few different ideas – choose the right one according to the operating system, type of speakers you have, and so on.

Although years ago, it seemed impossible to achieve such results, today’s software and hardware can make it possible by changing a few settings here and there or buying the right type of speakers.

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