It is common for audio fanatics to look for how to make your subs hit harder than average, as they tend to yearn for such a stereo. Hitting hard is associated with the subwoofer’s sound output. A hard-hitting subwoofer is typically loud and crisp.

From such a unit, the sound is both heard and felt. To accomplish this, it is required to make some adjustments or change some stereo system settings. In the audio world, Ohms gauges resistance, and Watts measures power.

Learning about these two measurements is essential for comprehending how to select a subwoofer system for your car and home wisely. Still, if you are unaware of these technical details and wish to make your subwoofers louder, there are settings and tips for you follow.

Assuming that you have brought a quality, an entry-level audio system that includes subwoofers, amp kit, and amplifiers, it is time to optimize it! It is merely to do so, and it is all in the area of the enclosure or box. Read on to know tips to make your sub hit harder…

Choosing the Right Subwoofer Box

This is the tip for those who are yet to buy subwoofers. There are three subwoofer boxes to choose from, namely, sealed, ported, and bandpass (series-tuned, dual- and single-reflex), in the order from quietest to loudest.

The sealed one gives clear sound and is compact but consumes more power than usual for emitting high volume. A ported box is louder than the sealed one, provides more boom, and is harder to tune.

The latter is because it needs a subsonic filter on the amplifier for having cleaner hums. A bandpass model is the loudest of all at specifically tuned ranges and substantial. Thus, it is wise to invest in this model.

Reading Specifications

Consider this tip if you have already brought subwoofers or will be buying now. For building a louder system, it is wise to start by going through all the specifications of your audio equipment.

This covers specifications such as the amount of the amplifier’s sound output in Watts and the amount of resistance per coil in Ohms. This is essential if you want to have a louder sound without investing in any costly amplifiers or subwoofers.


If There Are Amplifiers…

If amplifiers and subwoofers are significant contributors to sound, then you only need to manipulate your system box. In case you have amplifiers, consider the following tips:

  • Choose an apt amplifier at the time of choosing a subwoofer. Each type of subwoofer needs specific power output from an amplifier. Aligning the subwoofer’s power requirement with the amplifier’s output is likely to make the subwoofer hit harder.
  • Set up the subwoofer in the bandpass box. When used with specific subwoofers, this subwoofer box tends to maximize sound output. Do peep inside the subwoofer’s manual to determine whether a bandpass box is a suitable option.
  • Change the amplifier’s settings and even those of the stereo unit to adapt to the subwoofer. While each of these devices has unique settings, they do have audio fine-tuning settings. Changing them to set them at the apt levels make the subwoofer to hit harder.

amplifier audio mixer

If There Is No Amplifier…

It is a myth to believe that an amplifier is mandatory for making a subwoofer louder. This is because gaining a louder sound does not necessarily mean adding more power. While can amplifier can increase the loudness; it is not the only option to consider.

Moreover, amplifiers are costly. Thus, it is wise to make a few adjustments or change some settings to cause your subs louder before investing in a bigger amp. With these changes, you can have more and better bass. Here are these changes or tips for implementing:

  • Consider placing your subwoofer in a corner. Doing so is likely to boost the bass by up to 6 dB without further amplification. However, this also means that your subwoofer will be close to the wall. This can result in an unpleasant sound. It is even worse in the case of a ported model that features an opening for airflow. To overcome this issue, keep the subwoofer about 12 inches away from the wall.
  • Further, do not place it such that it is at an equidistance from two walls. In simple words, avoid putting it in the middle of a room. Keep it closer to one wall while being away from another. Such asymmetrical placement ensures a louder bass output with a smoother response.
  • Ensure that the subwoofer is in phase with the remaining system. The majority of subwoofers come with a phase switch that is fixed or variable from 0 to 180-degrees. Adjust the switch until you get the loudest or most massive bass.
  • Ensure that the crossover settings are precise, as both phase and crossover coordinate to set the right frequencies for smooth output. If these settings are incorrect, the subwoofer and main speakers will contend in the bass frequencies to nullify each other and subsequently result in distortion. However, with proper subwoofer crossover settings, a better sound at higher frequencies and a louder bass response are ensured. Do not leave the crossover setting at the default ones but set it at the optimal level.
  • Consider using a capacitor for boosting the bass output of your subwoofer. It refers to an electric device that holds an electrical charge with time and emits it as a robust spurt of energy. Thus, it will store the power that otherwise would be lost. When required by the subwoofer, a capacitor will release the power. Therefore, it is a must-to-try option if the question is how to make your sub hit harder.
  • If the subwoofer is within the sealed box type, consider using a new custom box of ported type. Doing so will make your subwoofers hit harder and play louder, especially in the car.


An amplifier is not necessary when it comes to how to make your subs hit harder. Just adjusting a few settings of the subwoofer can make the sound louder for you.

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