Portable Bluetooth speakers represent a must these days. They are not just extraordinarily convenient and can go anywhere, but they have also undergone some serious updates, so quality is exceptionally high; you get an excellent acoustic feeling without the stress associated with wires.

One of the best parts of Bluetooth speakers is their convenience. You do not need any experience. Pairing them to a device is so easy and intuitive – whether you get a display or audio instructions. Besides, the lack of fires will help you understand how the acoustics of a room affect the final result.

Now, assuming that you want more from them, how to make portable speakers louder? Are there any tips and tricks to improve the sound?

Down on the ground

Put the speakers down on the ground, and you will be surprised to hear an entirely different kind of volume. This is one of the most common tricks to make speakers feel louder, even if the volume is already set to maximum.

Even if you do not necessarily want a loud, wild party, having the speakers on the ground will also add to a background effect. Dropping speakers under the ear level will make the music sound like it is in the background, rather than the central point.

Young beautiful woman enjoying the music. Woman listening music by wireless speaker

Next to a wall

A wall is often considered a barrier in front of the sound, but that rule applies only if you try to push noise through it. A wall can become a fantastic amplifier as sound waves bounce in and from it. The speaker should not go next to a wall but against the wall. In other words, it must face the wall.

Generally speaking, this idea will improve the volume by about 25%. Small factors will make a difference. For example, the distance is quite essential. Play around with the speakers and determine the optimal range yourself. The type of wall also has a word to say in the process.

In the corner

If a wall can increase the volume by 25%, two walls should go double, right? Well, close enough. A corner can add 40% more amount to your portable speakers, but then again, there are some rules you need to take into consideration. The explanation is relatively simple. A corner has two walls moving away from each other. It acts like an amplifier if the speakers are placed correctly.

The distance is just as essential and depends on more factors, such as the type of wall, size of your speakers, and so on. For this reason, it is worth playing around – try out different distances and choose the loudest one.

Environment size

Choosing the right environment can help when learning how to make portable speakers louder. According to this article on Budget-Friendly Deal, a room covered in tiles will sound louder than a dull place – nothing but walls. At the same time, you can take your speakers outside, and you will notice that they sound much quieter, even if you do not touch the volume knob.

The secret stays in making the right adjustments. Here are a few tips:

  • Avoid automatic settings.
  • Operate the system manually to control the noise level.
  • The volume must be adjusted according to the number of people and the room size.

Louder is not always better. In a small environment, louder might imply a dull sound with no actual effects, but just buzzing noises.

Powerful amplifier

A better amplifier can often represent the more reliable choice in making portable speakers louder. No matter how excellent and qualitative your speakers are, they will not feel too noisy if they fail to receive enough power. From this point of view, you need some spec research.

Check out the power requirements for your speakers. Get a new amplifier that can match those requirements or even more (should you ever need more prominent speakers). Make sure you do not underpower them. According to Techwalla, when underpowered speakers fail to rise to the expectations by maintaining a relatively low volume.

Young beautiful woman enjoying the music at outdoor park. Woman listening music by wireless speaker at outdoor park

See a pro

Think about the first days of your speakers, especially if you have an older set. How loud were they? Does it feel like they lost some volume over time? It is a normal process that happens to most of them. The only problem is that it never happens overnight, but in the long run, so most people cannot tell the difference.

They are having a professional dealer see it might improve the volume. Certain parts of speakers wear out faster than others. The service goes down, and it may affect quality, detail, and even volume. Most of these issues can be easily fixed – maybe with a few replacements too. However, a professional will be able to handle this job better.

Two speakers are better than one.

How about getting even more speakers? These days, you can play music through multiple sets of speakers simultaneously. Whether they connect to each other by Bluetooth or wires, some extra speakers will clearly amplify the sound.

Do not just buy any random set you can find in commerce. You must ensure they are compatible with what you already have. However, if you figure how to connect both sets to the same device, compatibility is no longer an issue.


As a short conclusion, learning how to make portable speakers louder is usually a matter of creativity. It is up to you to determine the optimal position. You can also have a friend over – ask them to move speakers around the room, while you wait in the same place trying to determine the loudest location.

Most of the solutions mentioned above can be done without any expenses. Given the portability of your speakers, they can go anywhere, as long as they are not in your guests’ way. However, should you require a more visible upgrade, you will probably have to spend some money – fix current speakers, get some extras, or perhaps buy a new amplifier.

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